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Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) had a humble beginning in 1988-89 with basic infrastructure to treat ENT diseases and to train just 100 under graduate students. It progressed rapidly to excel in patient care and teaching and learning. The undergraduate students were performed well in university assessments. The department started postgraduate courses-Diploma in Otolaryngology (DLO) and MS Otorhinolaryngology in 1997 and has performed well by training  Diploma and  MS students with two gold medals in RGUHS and five gold medals in SDUAHER. The department steadily expanded its clinical frontiers and has excelled in performing major head and neck and reconstructive surgeries, delicate and precise micro surgeries and endoscopic surgeries in Ear, Nose and Throat and Endoscopic Skull base surgeries and treating airway emergencies in adults and children since January 1997. The department takes pride in being the first department in our state to have started Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncosurgery in November 2009 for ENT Surgeons and General Surgeons and has trained  Fellows who have excelled in the field. The department further went on to start Fellowship in Oral Oncosurgery for Maxillofacial Surgeons in 2017. The department has been providing expert quality care in advanced Otorhinolaryngology disorders and Head and Neck Cancers and malformations under Government insurance schemes and at concessional and easily affordable cost for poor patients who do not come under insurance schemes in this rural area and adjoining districts of neighboring states. The department is recognized all over the country as on one of the best Otolaryngology department in a medical college performing head and neck cancer surgeries.


“To be one of the best academic centers of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery which imparts best available knowledge and surgical training in the field”


“To improve the overall health of the population through world-class excellence”



  • OPD equipped for Diagnostic nasal endoscopy and video laryngoscopy with Karl Storz Telecam Camera system, Karl Storz twin Halogen light source and 42inch HD display monitor
  • OPD equipped with Pentax Flexible Bronchoscope with Light source
  • OPD equipped with 2 Optofine Operating microscope (Opto SM 1) for Otomicroscopy
  • OPD equipped with Rod Telescopes ( 0deg, 30deg, 70deg) for Diagnostic nasal endoscopy and Video laryngoscopy
  • OPD equipped with 2 ENT OPD units- one advanced model and one basic model
  • OT equipped with 1 ZIESS operating microscope
  • OT equipped with Karl Storz nasal telescopes and Stryker HD camera console
  • OT equipped with Stryker Microdebrider console
  • Microlaryngeal surgery set of instruments
  • Ventilating bronchoscopes and esophagoscopes- Adult and pediatric with accessory instruments for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  • All other routine OT and OPD instruments including unipolar and bipolar cautery


  • Head and Neck Oncology Tumor board-Every Fridays at 11am
  • Congenital Malformations- Every Wednesdays
  • Headache clinic- Every Mondays
  • Vertigo clinic- Every Tuesdays
  • Management of ankle & foot injuries and deformities
  • Deafness Clinic- Every Thursdays






•        Disorders of External ear

Reconstructive surgeries of the external ear

Drainage of abscess

Suturing of the lacerations



•        Disorders of Middle Ear including perforation of Tympanic membrane (ear drum) ,Ossicular discontinuity, Unsafe Otitis Media

Grommet insertion



Tympanoplasty and Mastoid surgeries

Ossiculoplasty, Stapedotomy

Blind sac closure

CSF leak repair

Facial Nerve Decompression

Static and dynamic procedures for Facial Nerve weakness


•        Hearing Disorders (Both conductive   and Sensorineural deafness)

•        Intra tympanic injections of Steroids

•        Tinnitus


•        Audiometry

•        Tympanometry

•        Acoustic Reflex

•        Hearing Aid Trial


•        Disorders of Balance (Vertigo)

–        Evaluation of balance disorders-Caloric tests, Kobraks test

–        OPD treatment for balance disorders- Epileys manoeuvres, Intra tympanic injections of Gentamycin


•        New Born Hearing Screening

–        Oto-acoustic Emissions

–        Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry


•        Oto-microscopy (Examination of Ear with Operating Microscope)

•        Oto-endoscopy (Examination of Ear with Endoscope)


•        Ear lobe suturing (Lobuloplasty)


•        Ear syringing (wax removal)


•        Removal of Foreign bodies of the Ear




•        Disorders of External Nose

Rhinoplasty (Open & Closed)

•        Nasal bone Fracture

Nasal bone fracture reduction

•        Facial and Maxillary Fractures

Open reduction and internal fixation

Orbital floor reconstruction

Orbital decompression

•        Disorders of Nasal Septum and external deformities of nose



•        Allergic Rhinitis


Inferior turbinectomy

Vidian Neurectomy

•        Headache

–        Sinusitis

–        Migraine

Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery

Caldwell Luc Surgery

•        Adenoid Hypertrophy


•        Lesions and Cancers of the Paranasal Sinuses

Maxillectomies, Craniofacial resections

•        Birth defects of the Palate, Lip, Dermoid Sinus and cyst

Cleft Lip repair

Cleft palate repair

Excision of the Dermoid cyst/sinus

•        Lacrimal (Tear) gland diseases

Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy

•        CSF leak (Traumatic and Idiopathic)

•        Birth defects-Meningiomas

Endoscopic Skull base Surgeries

•        Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopies (DNE)-Endoscopic Examination of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses


•        Evaluation of Sleep Apnoea


•        Evaluation of smell disorders


•        Lacrimal Sac Syringing


•        Removal of Foreign bodies of the Nose




•        Congenital Anomalies of the upper airway

–        Laryngomalacia

–        Stenosis



Montgomery tube insertion

Cricoid split

Tracheal resection and anastomosis

Cricotracheal resection and anastomosis


•        Foreign bodies of the aero digestive tract (Tracheal, Bronchial and Oesophageal)

Direct Laryngoscopy

Rigid Bronchoscopy

Rigid Oesophagoscopy

•        Voice Disorders

–        Structural and Functional

Micro laryngeal Surgery (MLS)

Denis Kashima Operation

Lateralization procedures of Vocal Cord

Woodman’s operation


•        Acute infections of the upper airway causing obstruction


•        Acute and Chronic Tonsils and Pharynx


Eagles Operation

•        Biopsies from suspected cancers of the oral cavity, nose and paranasal sinuses and throat.

Direct Laryngoscopy and biopsy

•        Malignancies of the Aero digestive tract

Conservation Laryngectomy

Near Total Laryngectomy

Wide Field laryngectomy

Total Laryngectomy

Total Laryngo pharyngectomy with Gastric pull-up

Tracheosoesophageal Puncture Prosthesis



•        Neck Swellings

–        Birth defects-Cystic Hygroma, Branchial Cyst, Thyroglossal Cyst

–        Lymph node enlargement

Excision of Cystic Hygroma, Branchial cyst, Branchial Fistula

Sistrunk operation

Modified Radical Neck Dissection

Radical Neck Dissection

Parapharyngeal tumours excision including Carotid body Tumour


•        Salivary Glands disorders

–        Parotid swellings

–        Submandibular swellings

–        Ranula

–        Sialolith (Stone)/ Sialadenitis

–        Mucocele

Superficial Parotidectomy

Total Parotidectomy

Radical Parotidectomy

Extended Radical Parotidectomy

Excision of Submandibular gland

Facial Nerve grafting

Mucocele excision

•        Evaluation of Thyroid Disorders

•        Evaluation of Swellings and cancers of Thyroid gland


Total Thyroidectomy

Total Thyroidectomy+ Central compartment Resection

•        Tongue Tie

Frenuloplasty (Tongue tie release)

•        Trismus

–        Oral Submucosal Fibrosis



Platysmal flap

•        Evaluation of Malignancies of the oral cavity

Wide Excision

Composite Resection

Commando operation

Marginal Mandibulectomy (Lower jaw conservation surgeries)

Hemi mandibulectomy

Mandibular Swing

Compartment resection of Infratemporal fossa

Hemi glossectomy

Total Glossectomy

Reconstructive surgery- Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap, Osteomyocutaneous flaps, Microvascular free flaps (Radial forearm)

•        Telescopic laryngoscopy


•        Suturing and dressings of the lacerations and wounds of the face and head and neck region


•        Intra lesional steroid injections for keloids

Keloid Excision

•        Excision biopsies of lymph nodes under local anaesthesia


•        Fibro-optic Bronchoscopies and Bronchial washings


•        Functional Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

Esophageal stricture Dilatation


Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Malignancies

  • UNIT 1 (TUE, THU, SAT)
  • UNIT 2 (MON, WED, FRI)

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Dr. K C Prasad

Professor and Head of the Department


Dr. Harshita T R

Assistant Professor


Dr. Indu Varsha G

Senior Resident


Dr. Anjali P K

Senior Resident


Dr. Harshitha N

Senior Resident


Dr. Brindha H S

Senior Resident

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Dr. S M Azeem Mohiyuddin

Professor and Head of the Unit


Dr. Sagayaraj A

Associate Professor


Dr. Kouser Mohammadi

Assistant Professor


Dr. Prashanth Babu A

Assistant Professor


Dr. Balan Ashok Kumar

Senior Resident


Dr. Shreeharsha Maruwala

Senior Resident


Dr. Swapanthi M B

Senior Resident