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Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. An ophthalmologist enables the person by giving life to his eyes and let him, see the beauty of existing world. We being the ophthalmic surgeons trying our best to treat the avoidable blindness like cataract, glaucoma and many others by using the recent and the best equipment available in our setup.



“To transform lives through the prevention and treatment of blindness in our tertiary care hospital for excellence and compassion in service and care”.


“To Value And Recognize The Contribution Of Every Staff And Foster A Culture Of Innovation And Lifelong Learning”.


Department of Ophthalmology was started way back in 1989. The department has progressed well from its initial stages, to a fully equipped department with state of the art OT infrastructure and skilled faculty.

The patients’ treatment will be done using the advanced techniques, instruments and machines required for the ophthalmology services. The department has 2 units staffed with trained ophthalmic surgeons and technicians. They provide the best treatment possible.


  • Cataract services: SICS, Phacoemulsification with IOL implantation (Indian and foreign lenses).
  • Retina clinic: DO, IDO, 90D examination, OCT, FFA, B-Scan, Retinal Lasers, Intravitreal Injections.
  • Cornea clinic: Pachymetry, specular microscopy, keratometry, corneal tear repair, keratoplasty.
  • Glaucoma clinic: HFA, AS-OCT, Gonioscopy, NCT, GAT, Trabeculectomy, glaucoma lasers.
  • Neuro-ophthalmology clinic: HFA, Colour vision.
  • Squint clinic: subjective and objective methods of evaluation of squint.
  • Oculoplasty Services: DCR, DCT, Lid Surgeries.


RLJ Hospitals’ Department of Ophthalmology is supported by well-equipped specialty clinics like Retina clinic, Cornea clinic, Glaucoma clinic, Neuro-ophthalmology clinic, Squint clinic, Oculoplasty, radiology department, cares for pediatric patients with Retinopathy Of Prematurity screening at regular intervals and optical shop. Our Hospital surgeons are experts in all aspects of ophthalmic surgeries, from simple minimally invasive surgeries to complex oculoplastic and orbital surgeries. We conduct eye camps under District Blindness Control Society Kolar and Chikkabalapura district.

Illnesses commonly diagnosed and treated in the Department


  • Conjunctival diseases
  • Lids & adnexal diseases
  • Corneal diseases
  • Uveal diseases
  • Scleral diseases
  • Paediatric ophthalmology diseases
  • Glaucoma
  • Retina
  • Squint, and neuro-ophthalmological diseases


  • Cataract (SICS and Phacoemulsification).
  • Glaucoma surgeries.
  • Cornea surgeries and corneoscleral tear repair.
  • Ocular surface reconstruction surgeries.
  • DCR, DCT.
  • Lid & Orbital surgeries.
  • Retinal surgeries and intravitreal injections and others.
  • UNIT 1 (MON, WED, FRI)




Dr. Manjula T R

Professor & Head


Dr. Usha B R

Associate Professor



Associate Professor


Dr. Chaitra M C

Assistant Professor


Dr. Amulya Padmini H M

Senior Resident





Dr. B O Hanumanthappa

Professor & Head


Dr. Sangeetha T

Associate Professor


Dr. Inchara N

Assistant Professor


Dr. Reshma Ravindra

Assistant Professor


Dr. Anneshi R C

Senior Resident




Is camp facility available at your hospital?

Yes, we conduct eye camps at kolar and chikkabalapura district under District Blindness Control Society.

What all speciality clinics are available at your hospital?

– Retina clinic
-Cornea clinic
-Glaucoma clinic
-Neuro-ophthalmology clinic
-Squint clinic
-Oculoplasty services

Are emergency services available at your hospital?

24×7 ophthalmology emergency services available at our hospital

Is optical shop present at your centre?

Yes we do have optical shop services at our hospital premises.