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Nursing Service

Nursing Service Department


Nursing Service is the heart of the hospital, which supports and provides comprehensive patient care at the primary, secondary, and tertiary care level. The Office of the Nursing Service a unit of RLJH&RC was established in the year 1996. The Department grew step by step by leaps and bounds through the years under the guidance of committed and able Nursing Superintendents, setting a model for the rest of the healthcare centers in Kolar. The Office of the Nursing Service is one of the central point from which all activities related to nursing care are managed, initiated or is reported.

The Nursing Service Department plays a key role in coordination, communication and leadership in providing the safe patient care and therapeutic milieu to ensure that nurses are empowered to practice ethically, professionally based on the scientific knowledge to deliver quality patient care.      

Nursing has always been regarded as a Noble profession of caring and dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering. The nursing profession plays a vital role in controlling disease and providing comprehensive care to the patients. Nursing is founded on specific human values, scientific knowledge and technical skill. The need of the hour is dedicated and competent nurses who will provide scientific based care as per the set standards.


“To be an excellent Nursing Department providing Quality Patient Care with Commitment and compassion


“Strive to be a Department of Excellence in Providing Holistic, Personalized and Quality Nursing Care, with Continual Improvement of the Nursing Service


The nursing staff provides care to all the patients attending OPDs, diagnostic units and admitted in various levels of care as primary, secondary, and tertiary   care units along with covering the spectrum of all the age groups.

  • Patient centric compassionate care-Refers to the feeling of concern and sympathy for patients and their caregivers with compassion, care, and understanding at all patient care units.
  • Knowledgeable care- Refers to the obligation of continuing to provide scientific based care by regular learning.
  • Integrity-Refers to Demonstration of moral courage to speak up, be honest, and always do the right things.
  • Empathetic care- Refers to the ability and willingness to share in the feelings of others.
  • Selfless care-Refers to the ability to give to others at the expense of themselves.
  • Good workmanship-Teamwork and respect co-workers through coordination and control
  • Innovation and quality sustenance-Strive to improve quality nursing care through audits, and surveillance of quality indicators to exceed expectations.
  • Continuing Nursing Education-Aims to improve nursing knowledge and skill by regular training.


The strength of the department has been its integration of nursing service and nursing education (INC- Nursing Education and Practice Integration), with the commitment to maintaining standards and quality of patient care in addition to exploring new possibilities to keep pace with changing trends in health care.  

The Integration Model/ Dual Role Practice Model has strengthened the Nursing Service Department by coordinating and supervision of nursing staff and students in training on quality nursing standards. Thus, the college of nursing staff function as mentors/ preceptors to bridge the gap of patient care. With the process of collaborative nursing faculty support the nursing service practices two of the following patient care models

Functional Patient Care Assignment Model– is adopted at general wards where patients are categorised as either fully independent or partially dependent

Primary Nursing Care Model– is practiced at intensive care units where patients are categorised as fully dependent / vulnerable / high-risk patients.

  • Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Zeanath Cariena J CNO, RLJH&RC & Professor cum HOD SDUCON
2. Mrs. Jebamani Hepzibai M Dy.Nursing Superintendent RLJH&RC & Tutor SDUCON
3. Mrs. Mark Vimala Operation Theatre Matron
4. Mrs. Prameelamma N Asst. Nursing Superintendent & Tutor SDUCON
5. Mrs. Geetha G. R Asst. Nursing Superintendent & Tutor -SDUCON


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