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The Department of Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/ intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Physiotherapy involves the interaction between physiotherapists, patients/clients, other health professionals, families, care givers, and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to physiotherapists.


“To serve the community with affordable high-quality physiotherapy services, evidence-based training, and collaborative research..”


“To develop model clinical programs which support the practice and academic physiotherapy service.”


Patients at R.L. Jalappa Hospital (RLJH) can significantly benefit from the Physiotherapy unit, a unit dedicated to delivering the best patient experience and care possible. The therapist utilizes a broad range of useful exercises, physical modalities, assistive devices, plus training. All the therapy provided in the department ensures that each patient receives the fullest attention and timely care.


Interferential Therapy

The IFT is a pain-relieving electrical modality and used to relieve pain, especially in musculoskeletal conditions.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

The TENS is a pain-relieving electrical modality and used to relieve pain especially in refereed in nature due to neurological in origin.

Ultrasound Therapy

The Therapeutic ultrasound used to promote healing and relieve pain in acute soft tissue injuries.

Shortwave Diathermy

The SWD is used to relieve pain, swelling to promote healing in the required conditions.

Galvanic and Faradic Electrical Stimulation

The electrical stimulation used to re-educate the weaker and paralyzed muscles due to neurological conditions.

Continuous Passive Range of Motion

The CPM used to improve the Joint range of motion in the knee and Hip joint following any joint injuries or surgery which resulted in joint immobility.

Laser Therapy

The laser therapy used for superficial pain relief and to improve healing.


The traction used to distract the cervical and lumbar vertebral joints to relax the muscles around the joints, relieve pain and pressure in the vertebral joints.

Wax therapy

The wax therapy used to mobilize the soft tissue around the joints to improve the joint range of motion which was restricted following any injury or surgery.

Hydro collator Therapy

The hydro collator packs are used for superficial pain relief and for relaxation in local structures.


The hydrotherapy pool used for therapeutic purposes to improve balance disorders, mobility impairments, strength, and resistance training for the age groups who ever in need.

Sensory Integration

SI therapy used to improve the attention, awareness, and orientation of children with developmental delay.

Neuro Development Therapy

The NDT technique used for children with neuromotor impairments including developmental delay, mobility issues and various types of impairments.

Soft tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue Mobilization is applied to the superficial structure to relieve tightness or contracture in soft tissues like skin, ligaments, and muscles.

Gait Training

The gait training and mobility training is facilitated for the patients who are all suffering from the impaired mobility.

Joint mobilisation and Manipulation

The mobilization manipulation techniques are applied for the patient who is all experiencing stiff joints and reduced range of movements following any injuries are inflammatory conditions.

Facilities and Service

Pain Clinic

The pain clinic takes care of painful conditions like myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue injuries, and arthritis conditions. A variety of treatment options are involved in this approach like Dry needling and soft tissue manipulations.

Community Physiotherapy Services

The department of physiotherapy offers community-level physiotherapy to nearby communities and NGOs for the population who ARE ALL IN NEED. The students are posted in the community to serve the population and the community-based learning.

Oncology Physiotherapy Service

The Department of physiotherapy offering services to the patients who are all suffering from cancer. The services are extended to patients and involved in post-surgical rehabilitation.

Diabetic Care

The Department of physiotherapy also involved in the management of the diabetics which results in diabetic ulcer and balance related mobility impairment.

Pediatric Habilitation Care

The pediatric physiotherapy unit extends its services at community level to NGO with children with developmental disabilities. The children with developmental disabilities also treated at OPD at free of cost in weekly basis.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric-related illnesses like balance reduction, fall prevention, and mobility training are addressed by the physiotherapist in the department.

Women’s Health Care

The department also involved in treating the women population who are all suffering with pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. The Physiotherapist are also involved in treating the prenatal and postnatal illness in the women population.

Health and Wellness

The Physiotherapy department also involved in the preventive health care by educating the general public about prevention of Musculo skeletal disorders and promotion of health and wellness in the community.

Wax therapy

The wax therapy used to mobilize the soft tissue around the joints to improve the joint range of motion which was restricted following any injury or surgery.


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Sl No. Staff Name Designation Speciality
01 Mrs Kavitha Rani Asst. Professor Mobilisation & Manipulation, women’s health
02 Mr. Saravanan J Asst. Professor Manipulation& Hydrotherapy


Neurological Physiotherapy / Paediatric physiotherapy
Sl No. Staff Name Designation Speciality
01 Dr.Ramesh Kumar J Professor Paediatric-Neuro Development Therapy, Adult Neuro-Physiotherapy, geriatric care
02 Mr. NaveenKumar I Asst. Professor Adult Neuro Care, geriatric acre
03 Mrs.Satya Tutor Primary physiotherapy care, Paediatric physiotherapy


Cardio-Respiratory /Oncological Physiotherapy/ Diabetic care
Sl No. Staff Name Designation Speciality
01 Dr. SenthilKumar E Asso. Professor Cardiac Rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation
02 Ms. Sneha L Joy Asst. Professor Pulmonary Rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation


Geriatric Physiotherapy
Sl No. Staff Name Designation Speciality
01 Mrs.Sarulatha H Professor Adult neuro Physiotherapy, geriatric care
02 Ms. Sasi Rekha Asst. Physiotherapy Nil