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Workshop On Prevention and Treatment of Vault Prolapse

Department Of Obstetrics and Gynecology, SDUMC Conducted Workshop On Prevention and Treatment of Vault Prolapse On 12th August 2021.


1) To implement prophylactic methods in the prevention of vault prolapse

2) To learn methods of correction of vault prolapse by abdominal method and vaginal method.

Vault prolapse occurs as a complication of both abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies ranging from 2% to 43%. It has been known to occur in 2% of patients undergoing abdominal hysterectomies and 12% of patients undergoing vaginal hysterectomies. There are certain other patient factors that contribute for vault prolapse despite doing the surgery meticulously. All cases need not be operated in such scenarios. Only if symptoms are bothersome to the patient and there are no other co-morbidities complicating the patient’s outcome surgery can be done.

Dr. Shailaja N, consultant in Rainbow children’s hospital was here to enlighten us about the surgeries of correction of vault prolapse. We had 2 cases posted, one for the abdominal route of correction and another one for the vaginal route. She showed us methods of unilateral sacrospinous fixation in the vaginal method and sacrocolpopexy ( with the usage of mesh) by an abdominal method. During the post-morning session, we had a talk with a PowerPoint presentation where she taught us how to tackle different kinds of prolapse with help of case scenarios. It made the most difficult chapter for postgraduates easy. She indeed made the topic more interesting and understandable.

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