OVERVIEW - Why Psychiatry Department at RLJH?

All of us will go through some worries at a certain point of time which at times could be so severe that It impairs their sleep, behavior, emotions, and functioning at their workplace/family life/married life, etc. worst times, these disturbing emotions can be so intense that we see patients unable to bear their suffering attempting suicide and at times, ending their lives as well.

Our department is very well equipped to handle these people with various psychiatric disorders and treat them accordingly with the best of the methods and techniques with very minimal /affordable cost. Our department has the distinction of being the only department with In- patients facilities in the entire district of Kolar. We provide services for all psychiatric emergencies 24/7, on all days of the week, month, and throughout the year.

As mentioned above, we are the only center that provides state -of -the -art care for all the psychiatric disorders in the entire district with the best of doctors trained in the field on mental health with all the facilities available for treating various emergencies including provision for modified Electroconvulsive therapy.


To be an example for the start of the art of the psychiatric and psychological service and treatment center for the entire country


To make sure that all the people of the entire district of Kolar suffering from psychological illnesses get benefit from our services and improve the mental well-being of the society at large

  • OPD and IP based treatment
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy
  • Biofeedback
Facilities and Services
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Clinical EEG
Electroconvulsive therapy

R.L.J Hospitals’ Department of Psychiatry is supported by a well-equipped hematological, and pathological lab, blood bank, radiology department 24/7. The services at the department of psychiatry of excellence include:

  • Outpatient/Inpatient and Emergency services
  • Psychiatric services
  • Psychological/ Counselling Services
  • Child psychiatric services
  • Geriatric care services
  • De-addiction services
  • Psychiatric camps near the doorsteps of the nearby villages of Tamaka
Different modes of treatment
  • PHARMACOLOGICAL TREATMENT (Medication-based treatment)
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT (counseling -based treatment)
  • ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy).
Illnesses commonly diagnosed and treated
  • All types of Mood Disorders (Depression, Mania, etc.)
  • All types of Anxiety disorders (Phobias, Panic attacks, performance anxiety)
  • Schizophrenia (suffering from false fixed beliefs, hearing voices that others can’t hear, etc.)
  • Addictive disorders (Alcohol, Nicotine, Cannabis, etc.)
  • Childhood Psychiatric disorders (Bedwetting, Examination fears, etc.)
  • Old age Psychiatric disorders (Forgetfulness, missing items, difficulty in finding path)
  • Postpartum psychiatric disorders (Behavioral and emotional disturbances after delivery etc).
SL.NO Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr Mohanreddy. M Professor & HOD M.B.B.S, M.D. FIPS
2 Dr. G P Gururaj Associate Professor M.B.B.S, M.D FIPS, FIAPP, IMA
3 Dr. Ruthsneha. C Assistant Professor M.B.B.S, DPM , M.D. FIPS
4 Dr. Navya A.G Assistant Professor M.B.B.S, M.D(NIMHANS)
5 Dr. Alekyha T S L Senior Resident. M.B.B.S, M.D (NIMHANS)
6 Dr. S N Jagadish Clinical Psychologist MSC, PhD

Disclaimer Note: Any resemblance of the person with the same psychological sufferings is purely COINCIDENTAL and we, the staff of the Dept of Psychiatry and the RLJ Hospital do not intend to cause any hurt/pains to the sentiments of the people. Any resemblance to someone, if any, is purely coincidental and the following examples are intended purely for patients to seek help for their psychological sufferings AND PROMOTE MENTAL HEALTH!

Case 1

This is a clinical story of a 16-year-old girl, who had always scored good marks till 9th grade got extremely worried, anxious, always crying, talking of sure failure in exams even before writing the papers, with decreased sleep, and loss of interest in her routine pleasurable activities. The anxiety symptoms started when her cousin failed to secure good marks despite scoring high in her pre-board exams.
She was given appropriate medicines and supportive psychotherapy. (coping mechanism techniques) and the girl has secured above 80% in her board exams.

Case 2

A 36-year-old married male who lost his job secondary to the unfortunate pandemic situation who made to stat consume alcohol daily so much that it negatively affected his daily living including an inability to sleep without taking alcohol. He attributed that his dependence on alcohol as secondary due to the stress of the inability to pay his existing home loans and to meet the basic needs of his family members. He came to us in a state when he was having seizures after suddenly stopping alcohol due to severe abdominal pains.
He was admitted to our de-addiction ward for 10 days during which he was treated with appropriate medicines and was discharged with complete recovery of his withdrawal symptoms.
The client has reportedly joined a small MNC and is doing good with no use of any substances at all. His recovery was a boon and an example to prove that Alcoholics do make a recovery, a complete recovery!

Case 3

A 22-year-old girl complained that she can hear voices of people talking to her from a different state with a clear voice even in the night which no one could hear of any such voices but the girl did not believe them. She claimed that her dead aunty is doing some black magic so that she and her entire family members suffer. She would not sleep at all and spend the entire night talking to herself as if she is in conversation with these voices.
She was given appropriate medicines and she made a very good recovery and is currently happily married with a sweet child as well!

Case 4

This is a clinical story of a 40-year-old married lady who was sad throughout the day, did not sleep, and did not participate in any of the tasks which she used to enjoy before. She did not go to work claiming that she gets tired very soon even if she walks for few steps. All these depressive symptoms started after the death of a closed person in her life a few months ago.
She was given appropriate medicines and regular counseling following which she recovered completely and is currently back to work with a better position and a much higher income than before her illness!

Case 5

A married lady aged 36 years kept on cleaning her household items repeatedly and for hours at a stretch due to which her entire family was in serious hardships due to compulsive behaviors. she would spend hours in the bathroom cleaning even the four corners of the room continuously for hours every time, and again when she visited the bathroom for her routine toilet needs.
She was admitted and was given appropriate medicines with CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and she completely recovered.

Do you provide treatment for Addictive disorders, e.g Alcohol dependence?
Do you treat children with Emotional and behavioral disorders?
Do you provide treatment like Shock treatment (Electroconvulsive therapy)?
Do you provide counselling services?
Do you provide counseling for Marital issues and sexual difficulties?
Do you have full-time psychiatric care and services at your center?